What Can Oxygen Energy Therapy / Spirovital Therapy Do For You?

Spirovital therapy (Oxygen Energy Therapy or OET) improves the regulation and function of our supreme control centre, the autonomous nervous system (ANS).

The control and regulation of the sympathetic (tension) and parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous systems is measurably improved by the use of OET. The OET inhalation device is suitable for use by all age groups.

In this section you will find specific information on the following

  • Background information on treating various disorders
  • Information on OET colour therapy and OET aromatherapy
  • Experience reports from OET users
  • Notes on the application and performance of oxygen energy therapy

All perceptible and visible reactions are responses of the body. Given that every organism is unique, that every individual has different dietary habits, that medicines and other circumstances will influence the complex processes, it is impossible to predict all possible reactions to this treatment.

Information and explanations on possible initial reactions after the first OET applications can be found here: Initial reactions and what they mean.

Oxygen Energy Therapy, also known as Spirovital Therapy, uses the relaxation energy of singlet oxygen – no additional oxygen is supplied to the body as in traditional oxygen therapies!

The technology behind Oxygen Energy Therapy involves the transfer of energy to water vapour molecules in the air, which are then inhaled through a nasal cannula. The energy transfer is achieved by stimulating stable and light-sensitive catalysts (as occurs in nature, for example in the plant pigment chlorophyll) by means of a special light wavelength. The relaxation energy of the singlet oxygen which is constantly released during this fluorescence/chemiluminescence process is further transported by the water vapour molecules found in the air.

In Oxygen Energy Therapy there is no leakage of active singlet oxygen (ROS) from the device as occurs in other devices made by other manufacturers.

More details and you can also find here: airvi-pro.com

How OET technology works in detail can be found here: