AIRVI IQ – the new Standard in Oxygen Energy Therapy

AIRVI IQ new development – a further milestone in the continuous improvement of OET therapy devices and spirovital therapy – for even faster and noticeable relaxation, calmness, more serenity, higher concentration and attention

Four integrated powerful therapies combined in one device – the new AIRVI IQ development. In addition to the three functions of the OET device, there is a switchable ultrasound generation system with specially coded information and signals modulated on the basic ultrasound signal. Via the skin, the signals reach the equilibrium organ Sacculus by means of two sound generators, which can receive and process ultrasonic signals. From there the bioidentical signals reach the brain and balance disturbed regulation processes. Noticeable relaxation, calmness, better attention and concentration are only some of the noticeable effects.

Brain balancing – the hemispheres of the brain ensures more effective control processes in the brain and the autonomic nervous system, which in turn directly affects all cells, organs and organ systems. The alpha state is known in brain research with brain frequencies between 8-12 Hz. The alpha state normally prevails shortly before falling asleep and shortly after waking up – the optimal time for learning and memory training.


The switchable ultrasound system in the AIRVI IQ accelerates the effects and noticeable effects of OET therapy in general and quickly reduces the stress level in the body. By means of brain current measurement – EEG (electroencephalogram) the change in brain activity towards the alpha state in the brain (approx. 8-12 Hz) can be measured after a 20 minute AIRVI IQ application.

Note: Ultrasound and Sacculus:

Martin L. Lenhard has found out that we have an organ that can perceive and process ultrasound – the sacculus = organ of equilibrium. Via the skin and nerve tracts, the fine, barely perceptible ultrasound vibrations (specially coded information / frequencies) reach the sacculus, which is networked and interacts with various parts of the brain.

Functions & details of AIRVI IQ device

Details of the IQ3 and IQ5 devices

  • Five language menu (German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish)
  • Two individual settings can be called up with stored settings
  • Large LCD display for good readability
  • Glass keyboard with sensor keys in two-colour system
  • Integrated colour therapy with seven colours and white. Colours can be selected individually or changed automatically in e.g. 5, 10 or 90 seconds
  • Aromatherapy using external aroma flasks
  • Whisper operation of the pump can be selected (e.g. for use during the night)
  • Signal volume selectable in three levels
  • Autostart function as soon as power is applied (coin-operated machines, sunbed combination, etc.)
  • Continuous operation selectable
  • ChipCard System optional at the OET5, to load a time credit onto the ChipCard (for tradesmen)

Maintenance & Service of IQ devices

  • 4000 operating hours until the first service check (12,000 applications of 20 minutes each)
  • Apart from the daily recommended water change and the change of the air filters every 70 operating hours, no service or maintenance work is necessary
  • If necessary, new device software can be installed by our trained personnel via the USB interface
AIRVI IQ für Sauerstoff-Energie-Therapie

Delivery items of the IQ devices

  1. Bubble element for glass bottle
  2. Glass bottle
  3. 10 x nasal cannula
  4. 1 x aroma bottle for aromatherapy
  5. Switching power supply 110 to 240 Volt, output: 15 V DC
  6. Power cord EU
  7. 1 x COPD/Asthma aroma oil for aromatherapy (optional for SET3)
  8. 2 x air filter
  9. 1 x sound generator to transmit the modulated ultrasound signal to the skin

Delivery items not shown

  • Operating instructions EN
  • 2 x AdminCard, optional with ChipCard System OET5
  • 10 x customer card, optional with ChipCard System OET5

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