Application Spirovitaltherapy

Spirovitaltherapy is a pain-free therapy without side effects that can be used for all chronic and stress-related illnesses as well as for prevention.

Triple combination in the application of Spirovitaltherapy / Oxygen Energy Therapy

1. Application Spirovitaltherapy: Inhalation therapy (relaxation energy from singlet oxygen)

The activated air is inhaled through a nasal cannula for about 20 minutes. Spirovitaltherapy (or Oxygen Energy Therapy, OET) is not an oxygen therapy in which the body is supplied with supplemental oxygen (concentrated up to 99%). Instead, the body is able to more effectively utilize existing oxygen, resulting in increased energy production in the body. OET technology copies processes that have existed in nature for millions of years.

2. Colour therapy

For centuries, colours have been used successfully to help heal various ailments. The knowledge of colours and their effects in the body is the key to our colour therapy. No esoterics or hocus-pocus, here. OET colour therapy is built on a basic understanding and knowledge of physics.

3. Aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance well-being or to alleviate specific complaints – with good reason!  Odours make their way directly to our superior, unconsciously acting control system called the autonomic nervous system, which responds with feedback such as “very pleasant”, “I can’t smell it”, “stimulating” or “soothing”. Our senses are very fine-tuned and sensitive (if undisturbed) and provide timely guidance that we should follow intuitively more often.


4. IQ Brain hemisphere balancing & alpha state (AIRVI IQ only)

IQ technology for faster and deeper relaxation, less stress and more creativity. The additional technology integrated into the device is an ultrasound generation system which makes our brain work much more efficiently. This has an effect on all our organs and cells and can be measured using EEG electroencephalography – the scientific GOLD standard in diagnostics.

Two small sound generators are placed anywhere on the body on the skin. Nothing can be felt, because the ultrasonic signals are hardly audible but the signals reach the sacculus of our equilibrium organ via the skin. This can perceive ultrasound and conduct it with the direct connection to the brain. The biocompatible signals are transmitted to the brain and ensure rapid relaxation, stress reduction and calmness. After a few minutes, the brain waves in the brain change to the alpha state (8-12 Hz). This state is well known, especially before falling asleep and shortly after waking up – a state of deep relaxation, special receptivity, high concentration and serenity at the same time. With IQ technology, even deeper relaxation states such as theta state (3-8 Hz) and delta state (0.4-3 Hz) can be achieved after some time. During the day with normal activity, the beta state (13-30 Hz) prevails in the brain. The IQ technology is therefore optimal for fast switching off and stress reduction.

Oxygen Energy Therapy is done by inhalation through a nasal cannula

Application Spirovital Therapy: Recommendations 

Application time: 20-30 minutes

Frequency of use:

For chronic diseases, physical and mental stress: several times a day

As a cure in therapeutic practice: 3-4 times a week for 4-6 weeks

Risks and side effects:

To date there are no known risks or side effects associated with Oxygen Energy Therapy. The application can be used in conjunction with conventional and/or naturopathic therapies.

Information and explanations concerning possible initial reactions following the first use of OET can be found here: Initial reactions & what it means