Oxygen Energy Therapy: possible first reactions

OET reactions: Examples of positive reactions following Oxygen Energy Therapy

  • Improved breathing with less effort (asthma, COPD)
  • Improved blood pressure (hypertension, hypotension)
  • Better circulation (circulatory problems, arteriosclerosis)
  • Less pain (rheumatism, headache, migraine, injuries)
  • Improvement in ability to fall asleep and stay asleep (sleep disorders, sleep apnoea)
  • Improvement in sugar levels (diabetes mellitus type I and II)
  • Improved vision (macular degeneration, poor sight)
  • Improved concentration (attention deficit disorder)
  • Faster regeneration and recovery from stress (physical and emotional stress)
  • More physical and mental energy (burnout syndrome, fibromyalgia, M.E., CFS)
  • More mobility where movement restricted (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s)

Oxygen Energy Therapy is a natural application that does not rely on the supply of foreign substances or elevated concentrations of oxygen. Therefore, there is no “constraint” exercised on the body, in contrast to drugs which “force” chemical reactions to occur in the body. All perceptible and visible reactions are your body’s own responses! Given that every organism is unique, that every individual has different dietary habits, that medicines and other circumstances will influence the complex processes, it is impossible to predict all possible reactions to this treatment. Your body will always respond in an intelligent and sensible manner, even if it may at first glance appear otherwise.

In order to make the sensible reactions of the body more understandable, we will discuss some examples and symptoms in more detail and explain their significance.

OET reactions: Running nose after Oxygen Energy Therapy
Following OET treatment, your nose will start to produce an increased amount of liquid secretions. What can the increased production of secretions by the nasal mucosa mean from the perspective of naturopathy and biology? The mucous membranes in the nasopharynx are part of our first line of defence. Many immune cells are located in the nasal mucosa. Increased energy production stimulates the mucosa and immune cells which then produce increased secretions in order to trap the growing numbers of toxins that we are constantly inhaling and then eliminate them though the nose. This increased production of secretions is thus a sign that something very meaningful is happening, that the body’s capacity for detoxification and excretion is improving!

OET reactions: Blemished skin or small pimples
Your skin may become more blemished or have more pimples after oxygen energy therapy. Of course, you would like to have smoother and more beautiful skin. The skin is a very efficient organ for detoxification. Waste deposits are better detoxified and excreted via the skin due to increased energy production in the skin and the connective tissue cells. The symptoms of blemished skin will disappear again when your body has gotten rid of its waste products and toxins. Normally your liver, kidneys and intestines are responsible for the elimination of waste products and toxins. However, if the function of these organs is disrupted the body seeks other “openings” and opportunities to rid itself of the “rubbish”.

OET reactions: Increased fatigue
Initially, increased energy production can even lead to your becoming increasingly tired. This can last for up to 6 weeks! What does that mean? How does your body use the higher energy level in order to relax, to regenerate and to “refuel” during a long walk in the woods or at the sea? Your body is well able to decide what exactly is of greater importance for you: should you run faster than ever or should you recover and regenerate first? An increased need of sleep is a sign of relaxation, regeneration, refuelling and stress reduction.

Watch out for strong initial reactions:
In naturopathy, initial reactions are recognised and desired, as these are a sign that the treatment is working. However, if the reactions become unpleasant and too strong, you should reduce the time and/or the intensity of the treatment or you should completely refrain from using it for 1-3 days. Eventually, you can slowly and gradually start the OET treatment again.

Trust in nature:
Up to the last breath of our life, about 10 million new cells are formed every second and 10 million old cells are broken down or recycled. You can trust in this intelligence. Nothing happens here by chance or arbitrariness. Some reactions and symptoms which are regarded as an “illness” do however make sense from a biological point of view..

Dosage of medicines:
If you are taking any medication permanently, you should check their dosage regularly, as the dosage may/should be reduced. Please discuss this with your doctor or therapist.