Wellness and Beauty

Spirovitaltherapie für Wellness und Beauty
  • Tighter and more beautiful skin
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Better circulation
  • Feel less stressed
  • Recover quicker following exertion
  • Sleep better
  • More energy and vitality

Every second of our lives 10 million new cells are produced and 10 million old cells broken down or recycled – this knowledge should be put to good use!

Wellness and beauty have become a nearly inseparable part of our lifestyle. The media talks about “anti-aging” or “better-aging” to describe a wide range of products, procedures or therapies that are designed to slow the aging process. Aging processes are natural and part of our everyday life. Eating and drinking habits, physical activity, ways of thinking, medication intake and other factors ultimately determine whether the aging processes in our bodies will occur at a normal or accelerated pace.

What are aging processes and what makes them visible?

The factors and circumstances mentioned above affect the function and performance of our cells. Whether skin, heart, lung, liver, brain, pituitary or other organ systems, all consist of cells, our smallest living units. These different cells must produce their own energy and fulfil their specific tasks and functions, such as producing and releasing hormones, protecting themselves, repairing themselves, and eliminating old metabolic waste products. A disruption of the energy and metabolic functions ultimately leads to an increased formation of aggressive oxygen radicals, also called free radicals. These destroy and damage our cells as well as our genetic substance, the DNA. If more damage occurs in the body than can be repaired, then we can say that aging processes are at work.

For many years, scientists and researchers have known that both a deficiency in energy production and excessive numbers of free radicals are responsible for aging processes.

Can oxygen energy therapy prevent accelerated aging processes? Yes!

The regular application of OET can:

1. Measurably improve the functional state of the superordinate control and regulation system known as the autonomic nervous system.
This means that all the subordinate systems and processes, such as hormone production, metabolism, energy production, repair processes, regeneration etc., will run more efficiently again.

2. Improve oxygen utilisation and, as a result, energy production in the cells.
This means that oxygen, of which there is an adequate supply in the body, is once again burned in a cleaner, more efficient manner. This results in increased production of the energy storage molecule called ATP. More energy in the skin cells means greater cell tension and, hence, tighter skin

3. Increase production of the body’s own protective enzymes.
This means that excess free radicals are reduced or neutralised leading to less damage to the cells. Repair processes once again run more smoothly and more quickly.

No foreign substances are introduced into the body during oxygen energy therapy, so the body is not forced to respond in any particular way. This means that no risks or side effects need be expected.

The OET is a basic therapy that can be combined with all other procedures and therapies. A healthy and balanced diet as well as biologically pure drinking water support the body’s enormous capacity for self-protection and repair.