OET for macular degeneration AMD – Common causes

How can oxygen energy therapy help patients with wet and dry macular degeneration?

Common causes of age-related macular degeneration:

  • Sudden and unexpected occurrence of biological conflicts
  • Circulatory disorders in the vascular system of the eye
  • Disturbed metabolic processes of macular cells and retinal cells
  • Increased deposits of drusen (metabolic waste products)
  • Reduced protective mechanisms of the macula cells (not enough protective enzymes to neutralize increased number of free radicals)
  • Reduced chances for body’s own repair processes of macular cells
  • Reduced energy production (energy storage molecule ATP) in the macular cells

Every chemical reaction takes place in an aqueous environment. The quality of the environment, in turn, depends on the fluid we consume daily. There is, for example, a huge difference between drinking two litres of coffee and cola and drinking two litres of pure water and tea.
Approximately 19 litres of digestive fluid (a mix of drinking fluid, digesting food, body fluids and enzymes) are absorbed into the blood via the small intestine every day. These 19 litres of digestive fluid have a decisive influence on the quality of the blood, the chemical environment and ultimately on the nourishment of our 60-100 trillion cells – including the eye cells.

Our therapeutic goal is to create synergies and to improve the regulation and function of all the systems involved. The intelligence required for repair and regeneration is built into the body, it only needs to be allowed to develop unhindered. For this, the necessary conditions must be created in the body. Our aim is to create an understanding of the underlying biological conflicts and of the ways the body attempts to resolve these conflicts.

macular degeneration

Since macular degeneration usually develops over many years, the repair processes also need sufficient time to achieve results. Unrealistic expectations and wishful thinking produce even more stress and thus lead to a further deterioration of the already disrupted regulatory processes. If you decide to take the route that is free of the risks and side effects found in medical or surgical treatments, we will be happy to assist you with our experience and advice.