OET for macular degeneration AMD – Applications of oxygen energy therapy

How can oxygen energy therapy help patients with wet and dry macular degeneration?

Putting OET to use: Applications of oxygen energy therapy

  • Improvement of the function of the top-level control and regulation centre, the autonomic nervous system (ANS). If the superordinate control centre does not work properly, all subordinate processes will fail to function to their full potential.
  • More energy in the cells means better detoxification, repair and regeneration. An increased supply of concentrated oxygen can cause further damage over the long term.
  • It is not the amount of oxygen in the body that is the problem, but rather the unclean combustion processes (less power and more pollutants) in the “power plants” of the cells (mitochondria). If a car’s engine is poorly tuned it won’t help to add more petrol to the tank. The engine has to be retuned so that the combustion processes will run cleanly to generate more power and fewer pollutants.

To supplement the OET application, we recommend the following:

  • Nutritional supplements: Make sure that the body has the basic substances that the eye cells require. An architect can only realize his or her vision if the basic building materials are available and put together as intended
  • Herbal and homeopathic remedies, especially for the eyes and for improving circulation down to the smallest blood vessels
  • Drink pure and low mineral water. Improve the quality of the chemical environment so that reactions (metabolism) become cleaner and more efficient. This will allow more deposited metabolic waste products to be excreted. You might try drinking Lauretana (bottled water) or Mount Rocous (bottled water), for example
  • Reduce stressful lifestyle habits that have led to discomfort and disease
  • What is stress, what does stress mean and how does stress relate to your own patterns of thinking?

The greater the number of these recommendations you can combine the faster you will create the conditions your body needs to carry out its regeneration and repair processes. The synergies produced by combining these proven measures work to accelerate the path to success.

According to conventional medicine, macular degeneration is not curable. Once the cells of the macula have been damaged – so the general opinion – no power in the world can bring them back to life.
This is not correct: Experience with OET has shown that regeneration of damaged macular cells is possible. Many users report that after a few days to months of daily use, vision improves again and, for example, the grey haze they saw disappears. In some users, vision increased from 10% to over 60% over the course of a few months. These cases are not uncommon and have been confirmed by ophthalmologists. Since every maculopathy patient is an individual case, treatment should be designed individually as well.

Realistic aims and expectations are the key to success!

The time required before subjective and objective improvements occur varies widely from person to person. It may take anywhere from a few weeks and several months. The primary goal is to stop the progression of macular degeneration and to reach a plateau. After further weeks to months of daily use, an improvement in vision usually occurs. Significantly earlier – usually after just a few days – users observe other pleasant “side effects” of oxygen energy therapy, such as an improvement in physical and mental vitality, sounder sleep, fewer stress symptoms and a generally better physical and mental well-being.

Application of oxygen energy therapy:

OET can be used alone or in combination with any traditional or naturopathic therapy. The therapy is done using a nasal cannula.

For home use, treatment should be applied one to three times a day for 20 minutes each.